We bridge Local Japan with the World.

Glocal Bridge facilitates the process of opening global interest directly to you at the local level. We specialize in sourcing the right prospective clients who appreciate the best of Japanese craftsmanship, technology, and ingenuity.

Let Us Bridge Your Business to the World.

Glocal Bridge is based in Tokyo and New York providing global expansion logistics for clients interested in the Japanese market.  This includes existing domestic only businesses in Japan seeking international expansion, as well as international businesses exploring opportunities to enter the Japanese market.   For Japan based businesses considering the feasibility of expanding abroad, our primary goal is to provide powerful current information on this.  Our primary strength is our experienced multilingual team with an established network of international connections across various business sectors.  Let us bridge your business to the world.

We provide complete customized service to create ideas, generate interest, and provide guidance every step from start to finish.  Our core value is to maintain our client’s integrity and vision when pursuing any global business venture from big to small.