In these uncertain times rife with global economic changes, we are positioned to face a new era of “smart” economic revitalization.  This means technology is oriented towards sustainability and localism rather than mass produced global supply chains.  It is very important for us to convey this vision to have mutual understanding between our clients.  The spirit of Glocal Bridge is to elevate the preservation of craft ideas, culture, and standards.  We believe Japanese contributions are uniquely positioned in this changing economic era to be sought out by the world.

We understand and embrace that technology remains at the center of the global economy.  Every business has unique needs and considerations as it relates to how to incorporate new technological tools into their businesses.  Our team has a keen eye on the technology landscape when considering new market opportunities.   Ultimately, we forge the path for Japanese businesses of any scope or size to shine with a global customer base.

Glocal Bridge is ready to explore and realize new opportunities with you. 

Representative: Toyomi Sakai


・Elevate Japanese culture and society by connecting Japanese business ingenuity with the world. 
・Establish Japanese brand integrity globally while promoting economic revitalization.
・Contribute to the revitalization of local Japanese industries elevating the spirit of “Made in Japan” to the world. 

Company Information

Company nameGlocal Bridge
RepresentativeToyomi Sakai
1-12-1,Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan 150-0043