Inboud & OutboundMarketing & ResearchTranslation & Interpreting ServicesInternational Business Coordination Services

Inbound (Japan ← World) & Outbound  (Japan → World)

At Global Bridge, we support both inbound and outbound business ventures. 

For inbound business to Japan, we look at how industry can serve to strengthen Japan’s economic and social welfare moving forward.  Macro challenges unique to Japan’s demography require a consideration of new global business visions that can complete issues especially like birth-rate decline and an aging population in rural areas.  It is also necessary to strategize on how to service the needs of international tourism to Japan, and we provide clients with the necessary information to capitalize on this with better accuracy and precision.  Specifically, we can plan events in local cities, disseminate SNS in foreign languages, cooperate with global tourist offices, and promote to the media.

For Japanese businesses who are interested to explore business opportunities through expansion, we formulate branding strategies products, store design, restaurant concepts, food and menu design, marketing strategies, etc.  As our strength is our international network, we are well positioned to establish a dedicated customer base in foreign markets, develop strong lasting ties, and promote local retention effectively enhancing brand presence globally. 

The Glocal Bridge team consists of experienced bilingual representatives who communicate locally in English, Chinese, Spanish and Korean languages.  This enables us to quickly attain critical local data and information. 

Whether it an international entity thinking about doing business in Japan, or local Japanese company thinking about expanding globally, we are standing by to facilitate in any capacity.  We urge you to contact us to explore projects of any scope or size. 

Marketing & Research

At Glocal Bridge, we analyze market trends related to international food, beverage, restaurant concepts, clothing, housing, industry, craft products, and entertainment.  We provide detailed research and data analysis on international market information including current trends.  We pride ourselves on providing clients reliable dynamic market research.  It is a priority for us.  

To ensure the best success possible for any client venture, it is essential to appreciate the nuance of what consumers are interested in.  It is also important to understand competitor information and consumption trends which differ widely between countries and cultures. 

We draw on both qualitative and quantitative research methods, but especially find unique value on the qualitative side to give clients a much more bespoke appreciation when cultivating a new business venture with us.   Our international team New York side enables this, and it is our passion to detail the nuances of the market both in Japan and globally to our clients.  

Translation & Interpreting Services

Glocal Bridge has essential translator and interpreter solutions for any international business needs. We provide full multilingual support for English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.   We are immediately prepared for product demonstration and exhibition in any capacity, including overseas exhibitions.  We also are set-up to respond quickly to requests such as interpreters needed for international business, translation of foreign language documents into Japanese or vice-versa.

Interpreters and translators are experienced in both international business and Japanese domestic business settings, also holding specific expertise in their respective fields.  In addition to these language  services, we also provide the necessary consulting as needed to help our clients succeed in these ventures. 

Please contact us to inquire about the range of services we can offer. 

International Business Coordination Services

At Glocal Bridge, we draw on our network consisting of experts in various arenas of business.  By keying on Japan’s ingenuity in craft products, processes, and trends, we can identify the right connection on both sides.  This is the key strength and focus of what Glocal Bridge offers.

We are positioned to provide a wide range business services directed at the expansion of Japanese goods and services to international markets.   Examples of this include searching for potential customers, market research, exhibiting products in foreign markets, developing sales routes, business negotiation needs, and overseeing contract/legal needs.

Glocal Bridge has everything necessary to realize your vision for international business expansion.